Prayer Spaces

Prayer Spaces

On 29 March children from Harston & Newton Primary School  (Years 3-6) attended a ‘Prayer Space’ event run by GenR8 (a children’s Christian charity) at HBC.   Four church members assisted the GenR8 team in facilitating reflective sessions considering prayer and the meaning of Easter for Christians.As each year group arrived they were greeted by one of the team and then spent a few minutes talking about prayer and sharing their understanding of the Easter Story.  Following this the children (in groups of three) visited various ‘stations’ around the hall and lounge in an atmosphere of quiet and peaceful reflection. 

After reading the information sheet at each station the children carried out simple activities to help their understanding and to express any worries or thoughts they might have.   The most popular stations were sharing bread together, fizzy forgiveness, water bubble worries, wipe-away sorry boards and ‘hopes and dreams’ water lilies.   

At the end of each session there was time for sharing thoughts with the class if they wanted to and to hear one of the GenR8 team talk about his personal experience of answered prayer.

Sue Holland (HBC church member) summed up her feelings about the day as follows:

It was a joy to watch as each class entered quietly into a prayer space.  I was delighted as some of the children thought deeply about the questions and went on to engage in prayer.

How eager the children were to listen to the GenR8 teachers, who were very dedicated!

What impressed me most was the feedback which the children were giving at the end.  

On tidying up at the end I realised from the children’s responses, just how deeply they had thought through the questions and felt that this was one of the most worthwhile things I have ever helped with.



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