Incredible India - David & Christine Spreadbury

Incredible India

Visit by Christine and David Spreadbury to

The Leprosy Mission & Brighter Future Trust, Vizianagaram

In October 2016 David and Christine were invited to join a trip to India to see the work of TLM and their partner agency, the Brighter Future Development Trust.  

The Leprosy Mission …. Restoring health, dignity, hope and independence to lives affected by leprosy:  leprosy defeated, lives transformed.

Brighter Future Development Trust ….. Healing the sick, caring for the destitute, looking after widows and orphans and speaking up for those who have no voice.

Children’s Homes:  

The Rainbow Children’s Homes are run by The Brighter Future Development Trust which is headed by Victor and Mary, who grew up in Leprosy colonies.  They have devoted their lives to caring for children affected by leprosy, HIV, disability and extreme poverty in the Andhra Pradesh area.   The children are happy, healthy and attend school which is key to a ‘Brighter Future’ for them.

Girls' Home Boys' Home

Micro-Finance Scheme:

This is an incredibly successful scheme run by TLM/Brighter Future whereby loans of up to £200 are given to individuals wishing to set up small businesses.   Such business include tailoring, small holdings, broom and brush making and kiosk-type shops.  The scheme works on a ‘revolving door’ system (as money is repaid it is loaned out again) with a 96% pay back rate.   This system relieves poverty, restores self-sufficiency and dignity.

Group of Ladies Victor & Louise

Salur Hospital:

Salur Hospital treats patients with leprosy, giving a six-twelve month course of Multi-Drug Treatment.  Leprosy can be cured if caught in time but unfortunately, because of the stigma attached to this disease, patients do not seek treatment early enough resulting in bone wastage, nerve damage, muscle paralysis, ulcers and eye problems.  TLM own internationally recognised laboratories in India and Nepal carrying out research focusing on transmission, diagnosis and drug resistance.

Treatment Room Men's Ward

Clinic Day at Narsannapeta Leprosy Colony

Leprosy affected patients are encouraged to attend clinics for preventative treatment and advice.   Shoes (‘Chappells’) made from the outer rim of tyres are custom-made for patients which they are strongly encouraged to wear thus preventing further foot damage.  

Food parcels are distributed at colony clinics to supplement monthly government allowances.   They consist of rice, chickpeas, oil, protein powder, ground nuts and sweetcorn.   Milk powder for babies is also available.  

'Chappell' Fitting Food Parcels




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